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We have the Musashi Asuka Tanto on sale at Japanese Swords 4 Samurai. All authentic Japanese Samurai swords ship free! We have Battle ready swords and weapons for the Samurai sword enthusiast.

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Musashi Red Asuka Tanto Samurai Sword

This beautifully hand-crafted tanto comes from the Musashi Silver Collection as a part of the Asuka Series. The tanto is a traditional Aikuchi-koshirae mount. Comes in a beautiful wood silk lined presentation box. This tanto makes a great gift for a sensei or a special student!

The tsuka is carved using the Ryugo method which gives it an ergonomic hourglass-shape. The tsuka is wrapped in black cotton cord in the Hineri maki style giving it an excellent grip. To lock the tsuka in place are smoked bamboo mekugis. The menuki features a cherry blossom that is secured by two ashi to keep it from moving under the ito. The menuki is placed in the standard Hyoujun position which is considered the most aesthetically pleasing position. Included on the saya is a Kaeshizuno/Kaerizuno to lock the saya to the obi while drawing the blade. The saya is straight carved with a rounded unembellished kojiri and coated in red gloss. The saya also features a 1CM thick copper koiguchi that has been oxidized gold to accent the cherry blossom design. The kurikata is also oxidized gold with the same cherry blossom deisgn. The sageo is a matching black cord wrapped in the traditional Daimyo Musubi style. The blade is 1060 carbon steel forged in the tsukurikomi process of wrapping hardened steel over another grade of steel and merging them. By doing so, this creates a stronger blade with a sharper edge. The softer core makes the blade more durable under cutting. The blade features a notare midare hamon and has a light bo-hi on both sides forged in an u-no-kubi-zukuri style. This allows the blade to be both lightweight and extremely sharp.

Traditionally hand forged high carbon steel blade using the tsukurikomi process
Tsuka is wrapped in authentic rayskin and teal cotton cord
Wood saya with oxidized copper accents
Comes with lined wood presentation box and certificate


  • 18″ overall length
  • 1060 carbon steel blade
  • High gloss red saya
  • Ray skin handle with black cotton cord wrap
  • Gift box
  • Certificate of Authenticity

Model: SS070RD



Musashi Samurai Swords for Sale

Musashi is known for affordable, blades and authentic fittings. A long time leader in high value Samurai swords, Musashi swords are forged at the famous Chris Zhou Academy known worldwide for excellence in forging high quality swords.Japanese Swords 4 Samurai has been an authorized Musashi Dealer since 2004


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