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Hanwei Tatsumaki Katana Samurai Sword on sale at Japanese Swords 4 Samurai. All authentic Japanese Samurai swords ship free! We have Battle ready swords and weapons for the Samurai sword enthusiast.

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The clouds gather in the sky as the sun sets golden on the horizon as the birds find their refuge. The roar of the wind and thunder become indistinguishable amongst the claps of lightening. In the distance the rising spiral of wind and debris twist in to the heavens while the dragon’s torrent builds to its destructive climax as the legend manifests devastation before your fear filled eyes. The artisans of Dragon King unveil their latest embodiment of Japanese lore in the Tatsumaki Katana.

The theme carries throughout this katana in almost every aspect. The silver tsuba, fuchi, fuchi-kashira feature the dragon, cloud and lightning motif. Even the 27 7/8” blade reflects the torrent with the gunome-midare hamon style. The golden saya, brown sageo and handle wrap contrast beautifully against the silver furniture. The black carved wood, buffalo horn kurikata and kojiri on the golden saya give the katana even deeper depth. The hardest decision you will have to make is whether or not to keep it as a collectible or as a functional sword in your armory.


Key Features:

28″ T10 Forged Steel Blade with gunome-midare hamon
Traditional handle construction
Gorgeous furniture & motif


Overall: 40 1/2″
Blade Length: 28″
Handle Length: 11 3/8″
Weight: 2 lbs 5 oz
Sori: 7/8″
Blade Steel: T10

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

Blade Steel: T10

You must be at least 18 to order this battle ready sword


Dragon King

The time has come for legends to arise once more. If you listen hard enough, far off to the east you will hear the rumbling sound of fire and forges churning. If you look hard into the distance, you will see the glow of steel and billows of smoke. None will be able to compare to the grandeur of the Dragon King and it's come to take the throne. Hail to the king!The Dragon is back. Hailing from Dalian, China, the master artisans of Dragon King are setting a new standard in the sword market. Collectible, functional and highly desirable their swords and canes blend art, symbolism and heritage without sacrificing their original intent.The famed artisans of Dalian have returned to show to the sword world what quality, craftsmanship and ingenuity can produce under the superlative leadership of a true avant-gardist. By the guidance of master designer, Frenchie Jin, the next generation of cutlery enthusiasts will taste the steel of the fabled golden age of swords.

1 review for Tatsumaki Katana by Dragon King | SD35120

  1. mbdmd7717 (verified owner)

    First off save your money. I waited for this for months. I should have kept waiting. Despite the great price Samurai 4 gives this item, this Dragon King Tatsumaki katana is shoddy for the price and not what should be expected for a blade with a price point over $600 and that retails over $1100. First, the money part i.e. the steel: symmetric shape with no bends. Final finish, a fail—multiple scratches from ji across shinogi to the ha-ji. A rather deep inch long scratch following shinogi. The yokote blunted out by polishing where it should be well defined. Mune edge of kissaki left completely unfinished. The hamon is great looking and the ha is sharp but should be sharper. The weight of the blade would be what carries a cut through tatami, not its ha (edge). One should expect the ha to dissect cleanly through a mass without effort. To refinish and resharpen this blade would be more than its cost from this site. Point being, is that the blade should be damn perfect by the time it reaches the customer. This was not.
    Next, the Koshirae: 1)Same: panel edges are visible under the ito and at kashira border. Panels. Really? For a $1000 retail sword? That is BS. 2)habaki & seppa: silver color but nothing unique; like all the others. Scratched metal and dirty varnish on habaki made it unappealing, unacceptable. 3)Tsuba, kashira, fuchi, shitodome: nice silvery castings but lacking any real detail as though too many casts using same die. Have no idea what the Menuki are supposed to be. Shitodome all tight but cash get fingernail under the kashira one as it is not flush. 4)Ito: tight supposed to be silk. Doubtful. 5)Saya: all the photos show a shiney orange metallic, interesting and novel. However, what you get is just gold matte. The black rattan was coated with a cloudy substance that wiped off with a microfiber. Horn pieces done well. No blade rattle and good fit with habaki.

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