Hanwei’s Katanas have always been at the forefront of providing economical yet functional swords to the martial arts community. This latest Hanwei Practical XL Light Katana (SH6000LPF) combines the latest blade geometries and profiles of the Performance Series with the affordability of our Practical fittings. The blades in the cutting styles are deferentially hardened in the traditional way producing an edge hardness of HRC60 and spine hardness of HRC40. The removable handle is tightly wrapped in the traditional style with imitation leather to provide a positive grip that will withstand years of tameshigiri practice.

Competitive Cutting / Lighter Weight
The XL Light blades feature the same geometry as those of the XL but incorporate deeply cut grooves (bo-hi) to reduce the weight of the blade while retaining most of it’s strength and cutting ability. This weight reduction makes for a quicker, better balanced sword, well adapted for multiple cuts in lighter targets.


High-Carbon Blade
Performance Series XL Light Blade
Built for Martial Artists


Blade length: 28.5″
Handle length: 11″
Overall length: 40.5″
Weight: 2lb 9oz
Point of Balance: 5.5″
Width at Guard: 1.45″
Width at Tip: 1.06″
Thickness at Guard: .27″
Thickness at Tip: .18″
Sori: 3/4″

You must be at least 18 to order this battle ready katana