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Cold Steel Shamshir Sword on sale at Japanese Swords 4 Samurai. All authentic Japanese Samurai swords ship free! We have Battle ready swords and weapons for the Samurai sword enthusiast.

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Cold Steel


Super Sharp High Carbon Blade – Includes Leather Scabbard!The Shamshir originated in Persia and and features a strongly curved blade that was endearingly popular and absolutely ideal for delivering a devastating cutting stroke. Typically, the curved Shamshir blade had a narrow cross section and a sharp point. It had a simple brass or steel crossbar hilt and an equally straightforward handle made from wood or animal horn that terminated in a distinctively bulbous pommel. This pommel was offset slightly to help the hand resist centrifugal force when making a hard cutting stroke. This version from Cold Steel replicates the original as closely as possible. Modern high carbon steel is used for the blade and black faux buffalo horn for the handle. The scabbard (included) is made of thick, black leather (so it won’t dull the blade) and reinforced by a brass throat and chape, and comes complete with dual suspension rings.This is a sharpened battle ready sword. You must be at least 18 to order this sword.


Cold Steel

Cold Steel Swords for Sale

Cold Steel prides itself on forging rugged battle ready, authentic Samurai swords and weapons as well as authentic European Swords. Hand forged by traditional Eastern sword smiths Cold Steel Samurai Swords feature full tang construction, razor sharp carbon steel blades and high finish quality. This dedication to authenticity along with the sheer power and strength of their swords and knives make Cold Steel swords highly desirable to sword collectors as well as practitioners.

We carry the full line of Cold Steel Japanese Swords and European Swords

Cold Steel

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