The term Bastard undoubtedly comes from the fact that the sword, because of its design, has no legitimate claim to being classified as either a uniquely single-handed or two-handed weapon. The Bastard sword was a weapon developed for the use of the foot soldier and had became quite common by the early 1500’s. The Paul Chen Bastard Sword made at Hanwei is finished in an antique patina, making for an outstandingly authentic appearance. The scabbard features a patinated steel chape and tip.


Well Balanced
Antiqued Finish
Hanwei quality

Overall: 50 1/8″
Blade Length: 38 3/4″
Weight: 2lb 9oz
Point of Balance: 5.5″
Point of Harmonics: 25″
Width at Guard: 1.94″
Width at Tip: .95″
Thickness at Guard: .22″
Thickness at Tip: .16″
Blade Steel: 1566

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.