JapaneseSwords4 Samurai Price Guarantee

Price-Beating Guarantee
Just send us an email...we beat their price ...it's that simple!

Well, we are committed to BEATING our competitors prices, and making sure our sword community is not overpaying for its equipment. If you see a sword for saleat a lower online price, simply send us the product link. If it is the same product, in stock, in new condition, and not an auction item (which is often a product return or imitation) we will BEAT that competitor's price provided it does not violate a manufacturer's price agreement we may have.

Please get confirmation from our sales team before purchasing and we will update your account to purchase at your requested price level! This guarantee does not apply to swords under $200.

The overall price, including shipping, will be used in determining if you are eligible to receive the discount. We will not be undersold, and will do what it takes to earn your business.

NOTE: This guarantee does not include auction or wholesale distributor websites.
Please send price requests to Japaneseswords4samurai@hotmail.com

About Pricing...

Let's face it, sword prices are all over the map in the internet / e-commerce environment. Many factors contribute to this. Some sites are actually selling repackaged returns or counterfeit products as originals for much less. Other unauthorized resellers will simply ignore the manufacturer's regulations for resale pricing making money thru site ads and reselling customer information to spammers. We at JS4S will not engage in these selling practices, and are under voluntary ethical guidelines for eCommerce business practices. We are Authorized Resellers and work to keep a strong relationship between manufacturers and the sword community. This is in everyone's best interest!

With that being said, there are other Authorized Resellers who simply charge too much in our opinion. That is their prerogative, and we do not fault them. But as artists ourselves, the purpose in starting this business goes beyond profit, and we think you'll see a clear difference in dealing with Japanese Swords 4 Samurai.